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Language Perú

The Vision


To connect people and organizations together from around the world while speaking in Spanish or English, and to give a hand to the community.

We offer:

-Airport pick-up and drop-offs

-Translation Services

-All varieties of language classes

-Volunteer and Travel Research in Peru

The Mission


to offer authentic language learning experiences for you to be able to:

-produce work

-get feedback and results

-connect with other cultures

-remember what you learned 

-apply what you learn in the community 

Volunteer Opportunities


Hospital Clowns

Special Needs


Church Ministry

Teacher Opportunities

Language Cultural Exchange

We are always open to expanding! Contact us if you have another interest.

Language Fun



Not in Peru? No problem!

-Online classes are more flexible to get connected if you have a busy schedule.

-Students also have free opportunities to a Spanish  speaking email partner. 

-It is nothing less than regular classes and it saves paper!

Flexible Learning Experiences


-Innovative and Direct Teaching strategies to comprehend structure

-Dynamic classes with communicative and demonstrative approaches

-Natural Immersion Methodology to learn at a faster pace

Explore Peruvian Culture


- Puno Floating islands 

- Macchu Pichu - Cuzco Perú

- Sand Dunes - Ica

- Volcanos - Arequipa

- Lima the huge capital

- Jungle Fun - Iquitos

- Water Surfing - Lunahuana

- and much more...

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Flexible Hours for classes in person or online. Usually respond within 24 hours.